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QA Coatings provides quality surface coatings, paints, and innovative products for industry and individual contractors.

Being founded by a Chemist with many years experience in the Surface Coatings Industry, QA Coatings is fast becoming a recognised force in its field.  We not only pioneer new products to meet the needs of surface coatings in waterproofing, durability, resistance to UV, chemicals and heat, etc., but also help with specific advice on which product to use for your application.

Our factory is located in Clontarf, northern Brisbane, but you can order over the Internet or by phone from anywhere in Australia. Be assured of our friendly customer service and speedy delivery. Colour matching can be done on all paints and products.




Driveway & Concrete Coatings

A range of coatings available for workshops, industrial floors, garages, playrooms, or any hard-wearing area. Smooth or non-slip grades, giving an attractive look and a hard finish. .
Available in epoxy, acrylic and urethane/acrylic bases.

Roof Coatings and Heat Reduction Coatings

Premium Roof rejuvenation coatings in popular colours including colourbond.  Beautifies and protects all roof surfaces adding life, waterproofing and value.
The Heat Reduction coatings use  hollow ceramic sphere technology and premium acrylic copolymers, these coatings substantially reduce heat transfer into buildings. Suitable for roofs, walls, and tilt concrete panel factories for example.

Waterproofing Products & Solutions

We have a waterproofing solution for all your needs.  Membranes and coatings for roofs, walls, shower trays, and more. For interior and exterior, acrylics, synthetic rubbers and epoxies, plus water repellents that retain the natural look of masonry surfaces or bricks.

Also Rising damp solutions and mould killers.

Termite Deterrent Timber Coatings

Termisote is a safe, water-based bitumen coating with proven termite deterring agents. Typically used where the quite toxic Creosote would have been used such as fence posts and deck poles.
Also available in an exterior UV resistant acrylic satin for use over Termisote or on its own – available in white or can be tinted to most colours.

Premium Paints

Internal and external paints, factory direct, and made to order in any colour! Flat, low sheen, satin, and full gloss, plus high technology, new generation water-based enamel paint.

Artists Paints

Premium acrylic artist paints and student grades available in a wide range of colours. Primary colours in permanent or water removable types. Also clear artist glazes and mediums.

Tennis and Netball Court Coatings

Premium hard court systems in traditional and modern colours based on proven technology and experience. Full range of products from primers, patching and resurfacing compounds, linemarkers and the premium top coat systems.